Friday, September 19, 2008

First Sippy Cup

Checking it out

Picking it up

Almost in my mouth!

My bib is pretty tasty!

Trying to get up and dislodging the tray

Getting aggrivated. (is he flipping me off here?)

Tray is almost gone

Just a little more
Tray's gone, sippy's gone, get me out!

Will has been very interested in our cups if we are holding him and drinking at the same time. I've let him suck on my glass and my mom let him taste some water out of hers last weekend. I got him a sippy cup today and we tried it out after his first taste of peas. He seemed to like it and picked it up well, though not always the right side up. I had taken the valves out of it so it's not spill-sproof and water got everywhere. You can see it on the carpet. We got a tray for our bumbo and sometimes use it instead of the highchair. He usually likes it but sometimes starts arching his back to get out. He started doing this and dislodged the tray and eventually got the tray off. He was mad by the end of it! This is probably mean of me, but his mad faces make me laugh!

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Bo, Tori, and Brayden said...

it's good your trying him out on it early. brayden was 7 months when we started him on the sippy cup and it wasn't hard to get him off the bottle at all.