Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This past week, I did not get a totally cool fisheye lens from my best buddies for my birthday. Please excuse my poor photogrphy skills, I haven't had much time to practice with it.

Tonight I most certainly did NOT drive thru Chick-Fil-A on the way home and pick up dinner for Will and me since Brad is out of town. I would not be so lazy and start my not even 1 year old off on fast food. And I definitely did not order Will a fruit cup and order myself waffle fries. I set a much better example than THAT!

When Will fell asleep moments before we got home, I did NOT park the car in the driveway and let him sleep for 10 more minutes while I scarfed down my meal because I knew once he was awake I'd have to feed him before I ate. And in the process of not doing that, I did NOT spill half a package of Polynesian sauce on my khaki pants. And I surely am NOT wearing those same stained pants 3 hours later while I write this post.

Last week I did NOT spend way too much money to buy Will these absolutely adorable sandals after I swore off this brand. I most certainly was not swayed by the sales-lady and talked into trying these after the last pair of this brand tore up.

And tonight just because I needed some silliness in my recently far too serious life, I definitely did not steal this grill from Brad's work inventory just because he left it in the Tahoe and it was too tempting. And even if I did that I would never take a picture of myself wearing said grill. And if I did take a picture, I would just have to be dumb to post it on my non-private blog! (I know my lips look very wierd here, its just the grill displacing them - it's not botox! I mean, they would look wierd if I stole a grill and took a pic of me wearing it).

On a serious note, little Stellan whose mama started Not Me! Mondays isn't doing too well. Please pray for him and his family.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

This little guy

This little guy who studies everything so intently

This little guy who looks up so inquisitively

This little guy who has to put everything in his mouth

This little guy who just gets so mad when he doesn't get his way

This little guy who crawls away when he's had enough.

I just love this little guy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I almost forgot...

To post these pics! One day last month Will and I went to the lake in our neighborhood to see the ducks and geese. That was also the first day he got to wear these adorable kicks from sweet Erin. Her son Jake was always styling in some red Chuck Taylors. I just love looking down from behind the handle bars and see those little feet poking out!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Bag Tag!

I was tagged by Connor to post about what kind of diaper bag we use. About 75% of the time we use this Skip Hop bag from Target. It is deep and narrow which can make it difficult to find stuff but has some nice features, like lots of pockets and handle options.

One thing I LOVE are the clips on either end so you can hook it directly to the bar of your stroller.

The pacifier pouch comes in handy for a quick paci grab (sold separately). You have to be careful with the pouch, though. If you are at a high school football game with open bleachers and the pouch gets caught when you're picking the bag up, it WILL unsnap and fall 30 feet below and your husband WILL have to go and pick it up.

I try to make sure we always have 2 changes of clothes (because he's very messy), a few diapers and some wipes, snacks, a sippy cup and at least one pacifier. If I'm really on top of my game, I will have his Kiddopotaumas rubber placemat, a spoon, the sippy cup holder (that attaches to the highchair/stroller/carseat etc so he can't throw it - thanks Cynthia!), a toy, a paci clip, a jacket and a bib. I did forget the bib tonight when we were leaving TO GO EAT! We just tucked a napkin in his shirt and ate on. I hardly carry a purse anymore. I usually just toss my cell phone, wallet and keys in his bag and am good to go! One thing I do like to do is toss baby-stuff coupons into the bag because usually if I'm buying baby clothes/food/products, he is with me and I can just reach into the pouch where they are and save some $$! I do have a coupon book but am terrible at keeping it up to date and organized, so keeping baby related coupons in his bag works for me.

When we aren't using his Skip Hop bag, we use this cute blue dot bag (which Brad HATES) or this gingham bag for church (thanks Emily!). I really have to lighten my load for that though. We have one more brown bag that gets used from time to time. I was just too lazy to photograph it.

And I love to use the Vera Bradley bag for overnight stays (thanks Laura!).

So, what's in your bag? I think I'll tag Kit B., Melanie S., Lisa G., Erin T., Christina K., and Mary Martha!

11 Months





Check out this guy! He took a step (and a half!) Sunday night and has taken a few more single steps this week. He's not going anywhere in a hurry, but he is tickled to be standing on his own. He turned 11 months old on Tuesday!
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Monday, March 2, 2009

This past week, I did NOT volunteer to watch all 4 of my nieces and nephews Saturday night, of course in addition to my own child. 5 kids in our small house? I would have to be crazy to do that!

I most certainly did not wrap Will's botom in saran-wrap in an effort to catch a stool sample for testing after he'd been sick. Saran-wrap surely wasn't meant for that purpose!

And when Will had a diaper blowout in the highchair which also got on his clothes, I did NOT come in his room after his bath to find the dog licking his onesie. Eew!

When I was cleaning up in preparation for my brother and his family to visit Friday, I didn't take all the papers on the dining room table and stuff them in a sack so I didn't have to go through them. I'm much more organized than

When I got the mail today, I did NOT get a package containing the invitations to Will's first birthday party. I still have a tiny baby - not an almost 1 year old!

And there is absolutely NO WAY I just spent 3 hours watching the finale of The Bachelor because I was obsessed with it. I most definitely was NOT totally excited when he proposed to Melissa then totally bummed when he broke up with her. I have so many more important things to that I don't get caught up in such silliness.

What didn't you do this past week?