Monday, March 2, 2009

This past week, I did NOT volunteer to watch all 4 of my nieces and nephews Saturday night, of course in addition to my own child. 5 kids in our small house? I would have to be crazy to do that!

I most certainly did not wrap Will's botom in saran-wrap in an effort to catch a stool sample for testing after he'd been sick. Saran-wrap surely wasn't meant for that purpose!

And when Will had a diaper blowout in the highchair which also got on his clothes, I did NOT come in his room after his bath to find the dog licking his onesie. Eew!

When I was cleaning up in preparation for my brother and his family to visit Friday, I didn't take all the papers on the dining room table and stuff them in a sack so I didn't have to go through them. I'm much more organized than

When I got the mail today, I did NOT get a package containing the invitations to Will's first birthday party. I still have a tiny baby - not an almost 1 year old!

And there is absolutely NO WAY I just spent 3 hours watching the finale of The Bachelor because I was obsessed with it. I most definitely was NOT totally excited when he proposed to Melissa then totally bummed when he broke up with her. I have so many more important things to that I don't get caught up in such silliness.

What didn't you do this past week?

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Megan said...

My favorite is wrapping Will's booty in saran wrap!! haha! I, too, spent that latter of 3 hours watching the Bachelor and was terribly disappointed! :)