Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Bag Tag!

I was tagged by Connor to post about what kind of diaper bag we use. About 75% of the time we use this Skip Hop bag from Target. It is deep and narrow which can make it difficult to find stuff but has some nice features, like lots of pockets and handle options.

One thing I LOVE are the clips on either end so you can hook it directly to the bar of your stroller.

The pacifier pouch comes in handy for a quick paci grab (sold separately). You have to be careful with the pouch, though. If you are at a high school football game with open bleachers and the pouch gets caught when you're picking the bag up, it WILL unsnap and fall 30 feet below and your husband WILL have to go and pick it up.

I try to make sure we always have 2 changes of clothes (because he's very messy), a few diapers and some wipes, snacks, a sippy cup and at least one pacifier. If I'm really on top of my game, I will have his Kiddopotaumas rubber placemat, a spoon, the sippy cup holder (that attaches to the highchair/stroller/carseat etc so he can't throw it - thanks Cynthia!), a toy, a paci clip, a jacket and a bib. I did forget the bib tonight when we were leaving TO GO EAT! We just tucked a napkin in his shirt and ate on. I hardly carry a purse anymore. I usually just toss my cell phone, wallet and keys in his bag and am good to go! One thing I do like to do is toss baby-stuff coupons into the bag because usually if I'm buying baby clothes/food/products, he is with me and I can just reach into the pouch where they are and save some $$! I do have a coupon book but am terrible at keeping it up to date and organized, so keeping baby related coupons in his bag works for me.

When we aren't using his Skip Hop bag, we use this cute blue dot bag (which Brad HATES) or this gingham bag for church (thanks Emily!). I really have to lighten my load for that though. We have one more brown bag that gets used from time to time. I was just too lazy to photograph it.

And I love to use the Vera Bradley bag for overnight stays (thanks Laura!).

So, what's in your bag? I think I'll tag Kit B., Melanie S., Lisa G., Erin T., Christina K., and Mary Martha!

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Erin said...

OOH! Homework that's actually fun! My post may not be nearly as fruitful as your's though...