Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This past week, I did not get a totally cool fisheye lens from my best buddies for my birthday. Please excuse my poor photogrphy skills, I haven't had much time to practice with it.

Tonight I most certainly did NOT drive thru Chick-Fil-A on the way home and pick up dinner for Will and me since Brad is out of town. I would not be so lazy and start my not even 1 year old off on fast food. And I definitely did not order Will a fruit cup and order myself waffle fries. I set a much better example than THAT!

When Will fell asleep moments before we got home, I did NOT park the car in the driveway and let him sleep for 10 more minutes while I scarfed down my meal because I knew once he was awake I'd have to feed him before I ate. And in the process of not doing that, I did NOT spill half a package of Polynesian sauce on my khaki pants. And I surely am NOT wearing those same stained pants 3 hours later while I write this post.

Last week I did NOT spend way too much money to buy Will these absolutely adorable sandals after I swore off this brand. I most certainly was not swayed by the sales-lady and talked into trying these after the last pair of this brand tore up.

And tonight just because I needed some silliness in my recently far too serious life, I definitely did not steal this grill from Brad's work inventory just because he left it in the Tahoe and it was too tempting. And even if I did that I would never take a picture of myself wearing said grill. And if I did take a picture, I would just have to be dumb to post it on my non-private blog! (I know my lips look very wierd here, its just the grill displacing them - it's not botox! I mean, they would look wierd if I stole a grill and took a pic of me wearing it).

On a serious note, little Stellan whose mama started Not Me! Mondays isn't doing too well. Please pray for him and his family.

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Megan said...

Hilarious!!! My students would love that grill!! haha!