Thursday, April 2, 2009

Almost Famous!

I decided to do some digital scrapbooking to document Will's first year and I finished most of my pages last week just in time to catch a 20% off sale. The site contacted me and asked if they could post some of my pages to their gallery. They ended up using 3 of my pages! They'll only be up for a week, but I think its pretty neat! I guess they deleted the text from the Nature one and the Daddy page, so maybe they don't like my writing style? They aren't together, so you need to scroll through all of them to find ours.


Megan said...

Those look awesome! I bookmarked the website, and I may even try it out! Thanks for posting the information!

Becky Lott said...

That's so neat. You did a great job. I use ...or i attempt to. I have good intentions:)