Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Gift of Medicine

Will got a gift early - bronchitis! I wish we could send it back, but alas we cannot. He has been coughing since Tuesday and it has gotten worse since then. He scared me Tuesday night by wheezing some and retracting a little, but that got better quickly. He's been in very good spirits and I thought all he needed was some cough medicine, so I called the nurse to see what to give him (I'm pretty much dumb when it comes to my own child, I seem to forget everything I've learned through the years). Of course she waited to call me back while I was in the shower (2 calls, actually!). They wanted me to bring him in to get checked out because of the wheezing and retractions, even though those symptoms had resolved.
Our regular doctor was out of town but we got to see a new one and I loved her! She was really great. We also found out that he has excema! I had noticed some rash-like places that popped up on his back and though he's probably had a few before, he's never had this many. So we left there with another nebulizer and our prescriptions. We had a machine in November when he had RSV but I took it back because I thought we were done with it. The doctor told me he could have these symptoms with any cold for up to a year after having RSV. Had I known that, I would have kept the first machine. We are just going to purchase this one and have it on hand for any future needs. I came home and gave him a treatment. He has not developed any more love for it than he had 5 months ago. And he's stronger now, so that was just tons of fun! If you had heard him, you would have thought I was torturing the poor guy!
We ran some errands after that and left Target with SEVEN (7!!!) medicines. I have to brag though - he was a complete angel all day (minus the neb treatment). I had him up for 5 hours between the doctor visit and running errands. He sacked out on the way home and is sleeping now. Hopefully we will get him better in time for the birthday party Saturday! I'll post a pic later of his last day as an 11 month old. I can't believe my BABY will be one tomorrow! :(


Becky Lott said...

Poor, guy (really poor momma)! Yeah, we still have some RSV aftermath. We had to have a random treatment last week. Our doctor billed insurance for the nebulizer machine with an asthma diagnosis. You might want to look into that if you had to pay out of pocket.I hope Will feels better soon!

erinenorman said...

Poor Little Guy :( Hope he feels better soon. Jake has eczema as well and it always seems to get worse when he is sick, don't know why. What we found that works for him is using all natural soaps and lotions. Becky and I have a friend that has a home business making soaps, etc. You should give that a try, I swear it will clear it up in a matter of days. Look up the Benefields on my blog list if you wanna give it a try. Just know that she is pretty preggo at the moment so she might be a while getting back to you.