Sunday, April 5, 2009

One year ago

The last preggo side view pic we have

My view looking down on Easter Sunday

My horrendous feet and "cankles" according to my sweet Dr.

The hammock - the last big baby item

One year ago this week I was as big as a house. At least I felt that way, and my feet were surely that way. Actually I couldn't see my feet unless they were propped up on the couch but they were sore and uncomfortable to say the least. A year ago I couldn't sleep through the night because I was getting up at least twice to go to the bathroom and I had a bad case of restless legs syndrome. Brad threatened divorce (joking of course) at least twice over my jerky legs. I even tried the old wives tale of a bar of soap under the sheets to get them to stop (didn't work). My belly would jerk rhythmically every day for several minutes while Will had the hiccups. I waddled. I got short of breath. I couldn't eat much before becoming full. I couldn't breathe deeply because of a baby booty in my ribs. A year ago I couldn't wait to meet my sweet baby boy, but I had no idea it would be so soon! We got our last big baby item - a hammock on Monday, found out I was 4cm dilated on Tuesday, turned in my FMLA papers Wednesday and went to the hospital Wednesday night. Sweet Will was born Thursday, 3 weeks ahead of schedule! I just can't believe it has been a year already! And I would do it all over again to be able to have my wonderful boy.

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