Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sadie turns 2!

Will's friend Sadie had her 2nd birthday party today! They had it at a local farm and it was so much fun.

Look how cute the birthday girl was!

There were animals galore. This sweet horse had a window that opened onto the porch and he (she?) got lots of love and attention while we were there.
Will looked like this most of the time:

He really didn't want to touch any of the animals. Even the sweet bunnies.
We went on a hay ride.
We stopped and saw some llamas.
And some goats.
Then we came back to party and pet the horse again.

Reed enjoyed watching all the kids and seeing the animals. Except for when the horse sneezed on him.
Check out this cutie!
We sang to sweet Sadie and had some cake!
Reed had a bottle then sacked out.

Then, when the party was almost over, Will decided to pet a horse.
And then he rode a tire horse.
And wanted this plastic horse.
But the birthday girl was ready to ride away in her new car and it was time to go!

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Mary said...

Looks like a fun party! Will looks so old :)