Monday, January 31, 2011

Halloween Part I

On Halloween Eve, Brad and I took the boys to my oldest brother's house for dinner and trick or treating. This is the first year we have been trick or treating. Last year Reed was in NICU and we took Will to my church's fall festival. Will's first Halloween was spent at home. So it was fun to dress them up and actually do something!

I made some spider web cupcakes:

And some delicious caramel toffee fruit dip:
My little MSU football player and sweet lion were so cute!
This is Will doing his football pose. ?? Silly kid!
My nieces and nephew, the superheroes!
Uncle Chris and Reed. Chris is laughing because Reed always cries when Chris a)talks to him or b) picks him up. He wasn't crying, so Chris told me to get a picture quick!
The whole group. Poor little buzz lightyear kept tripping on stuff. I think the wings made it hard to balance.

Will picking out some goodies.
We had a fun night!

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