Monday, January 31, 2011

Halloween Part II

Halloween Day 2010 is one I will not soon forget. We didn't dress the boys up. We had a nice morning at church followed by a relaxing day at home. That afternoon we let the kids play in the yard.

Reed took to Will's ride on car and enjoyed pushing it around the yard.

And then he did some crawling.
And then he pushed the coupe around.
And then Will took a ride in the coupe.
And then. AND THEN. I watched Reed push the car all over the yard. I kept meaning to pull out my phone and record it. So I did. Watch for yourself.

Halloween Part I

On Halloween Eve, Brad and I took the boys to my oldest brother's house for dinner and trick or treating. This is the first year we have been trick or treating. Last year Reed was in NICU and we took Will to my church's fall festival. Will's first Halloween was spent at home. So it was fun to dress them up and actually do something!

I made some spider web cupcakes:

And some delicious caramel toffee fruit dip:
My little MSU football player and sweet lion were so cute!
This is Will doing his football pose. ?? Silly kid!
My nieces and nephew, the superheroes!
Uncle Chris and Reed. Chris is laughing because Reed always cries when Chris a)talks to him or b) picks him up. He wasn't crying, so Chris told me to get a picture quick!
The whole group. Poor little buzz lightyear kept tripping on stuff. I think the wings made it hard to balance.

Will picking out some goodies.
We had a fun night!

Weekend in Alabama

We took a weekend trip to Alabama to visit Brad's brother for his birthday at the end of October. We got there Saturday afternoon and walked over to the neighborhood pond for some fresh air. Will and Poppy took turns throwing rocks. Andrew tossed sticks for Tebow to retrieve. I hate this picture is out of focus, but I really like it anyway. I gave a print to Andrew for Christmas.

Reed just hung out and played with his feet.
Until his daddy got him out to toss him around.
Tebow and Andrew took a break from the game of fetch.
We went back to their house and the boys crawled around and played with Maggie and looked out the windows. Sara and Andrew have the cutest house with nice big windows.
That night we had a yummy dinner at Cheesecake Factory. I had orange chicken and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. Mmmmm!

Sunday we went to the zoo. This was Will before he started the first of several meltdowns. I ended up dragging him out of the bathroom at one point to keep him from laying on the floor in protest of something ridiculously minor like me trying to help him reach a paper towel.
We got to see the lions up close.

It was lunch time for them!
I always love looking at the flamingos.
We had lunch and then headed back home. We stopped at a gas station that had the most gorgeous grove beside it. I figured the kids could enjoy the grass for a minute while I snapped some pictures.

Reed - 12 months
Will - 2 1/2. And in need of a haircut!
We had a great time visiting Brad's 'little' brother! They were such nice hosts and even gave us their bed for the night so we could have Reed with us.