Friday, February 22, 2008

Baby in Progress

7 weeks

19 weeks

29 weeks
It is so amazing to me to look at these pictures and see the progression of Will's growth. It is nothing short of miraculous and just proves to me that we serve a mighty God who can do anything! The fact that this child was created from 2 teeny tiny cells and now looks like a person 7 months later is incredible. The first picture was to confirm the pregnancy at 7 weeks. We got to see his heartbeat and his little butterbean shape. The second was at 19 weeks to make sure he was growing well and it was the day we found out he was a boy! We recently had the last ultrasound done which is in 3D and we have a DVD in 4D (the right side of his face is blurry because he was playing with his umbilical cord). I'm so glad we got to have the 3D/4D one done because it will be neat to compare him to it once he's born. It truly was a bonding experience for me to see the face of our baby. Now we've got almost 9 weeks to go before we can see him for real!


The Holliman Family said...

Hi! I just found your blog, good luck with the new baby! They are so precious!

Bo, Tori, and Brayden said...

isn't it amazing! Just wait till he's here, you will be even more amazed!