Saturday, March 1, 2008

The End of The Road

Its the end of the road for Brad's truck with the Sharp Family. He has had it since the summer after we started dating, which was about 9 years ago. He has lovingly taken care of this truck and is really sad to get rid of it, but we need more space for our growing family. I have a 4 door car but I drive so much for work that my car needs frequent maintenance and would feel more comfortable having another 4 door vehicle. That and the fact that we can load down my car with just the two of us going on a trip, so I know we wouldn't have enough room for baby gear too! So this past week we bought a 2003 Tahoe with some help from my brother the car finder. Now we have to sell the Tacoma and Brad is not wanting to part with it. I feel bad for him to give up his truck but it would have to leave us at some point.

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erinenorman said...

I feel your pain but at least your hubby is parting with the thing! Tim's old toyota truck, which is the model they made before they started making Tacomas, is still sitting in the front of our house, not running! He wants to be buried in that hunk and he seems to think that Jake will want to drive that thing one day!! Cheers to Brad for being a Grown-Up!!!