Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our New Ride

Brad sold his truck today. It was bitter-sweet. He hated to see it go but being handed a nice big check eased the pain. Now we can focus on our vehicle and quit playing musical parking with the garage. Now I can't wait to actually get our carseat so I can put it in the back! Brad's not too thrilled about finally getting the car he wants then turning it into a baby mobile, but if there were no baby, there would be no Tahoe at the Sharp's house. He gave the Tahoe its first bath the other day with some help from our dogs. They love being out front with us and really love the water hose.


markbeckylott said...

We have a Yukon just like that we got when I was expecting Asher. We really like it except the gas mileage of course. I don't know how people function with smaller vehicles and kids. You'll see!

Brad and Sarah said...

Oh the gas is already killing us! It was $70 to fill up and Brad has driven it 100 miles, mostly stop and go, and its already to almost 1/2 tank! That's like averaging 10mpg! I drive my car several hundred miles per week for work so I hope I never had to use the Tahoe!