Monday, April 14, 2008

Life at Home

We came home Saturday around 1pm and it has been wonderful to be here! Will is a very sweet baby but he did come with a good set of lungs! Luckily he doesn't cry too much and when he does he's usually easily calmed. Brad and I are totally smitten and feel very blessed to have such a beautiful healthy little boy. We've been well taken care of by our family. My mom has been doing laundry and cooking for us and I'm so glad because I think we'd be eating PB&J and cereal if she weren't. And laundry surely wouldn't be done. Brad's parents have come over and watched him while we napped. Then today there was a knock at the door and Brad's dad, my dad and my uncle stood there with a HUGE box and told me we had a special delivery. They bought us a recliner for our living room! We have a glider-recliner in the nursery but we were in need of extra seating in our living room and its so nice to have a comfy spot to put my feet up which are still very swollen. I'm amazed at the generosity of our family.

We gave Will his first bath last night and he did well. Even though I know how to sponge bathe a baby and have seen it done many times, it was awkward to actually give him a bath. I felt so clumsy! We took him to a newborn outpatient appointment at the hospital today and his weight is down a bit and his bilirubi is up which indicates jaundice, but neither are numbers that concern them. We do have to go back Wednesday to recheck his weight. Hopefully it will go up since my milk is in now!

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erinenorman said...

He is so alert! And look at his little man hair! It took us about a year to get that much on Jake! Precious!