Monday, December 15, 2008

The Gumball Machine

Will's cousin Alex shared some of his toys with him and lately Will has really enjoyed this gumball machine with the peek-a-block roll-arounds. I tried and tried to show him how to push the lever and he never would. But his daddy recently showed him how to do it and he does it like a pro! I guess there are some things that daddies do better than mommies. :)


Bo, Tori, and Brayden said...

brayden still loves the gumball machine! i had bought it for my cousin to play with at my house a few years ago, so it was good to get more use out of it. i'm commenting on some previous posts too....yay for will he's crawling! I'm jealous that your snow stuck and there was so much of it! we got just a little bit.

markbeckylott said...

Maygen C. bought that same gumball machine for Asher. He still has a ball with it. You'll get good use out of that thing for sure. You might want to buy an extra pack of those balls though when he gets bigger. I think we got ours at Fred's Dollar Store.