Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving in Corinth

Betty Jo and her 5 great grandkids (Alex and Will were NOT happy!)

Me and my brothers, Chris and Sam

Will hanging out with his daddy (minus one shoe)

Nana and her 5 grandchildren

Alex talking to Will

The cousins watching Will scoot backward across the floor

We went to my grandmother's house in Corinth the day after Thanksgiving. We were definitely thankful to be there since Will had been so sick just 2 days before. His cousin Oliver was also pretty ill the same day but made a quick recovery in time to visit with us. We used to spend every Thanksgiving and Christmas in Corinth but with all of our busy family lives and work schedules, it has proven difficult for us to get together these days. We all made it except for Joseph (brother #3). Though we missed him, I think 3 out of 4 kids isn't bad! We had a wonderful meal and a good time visiting. After lunch, my 2 sister in laws and I snuck away to Ginger's where we found some adorable kids clothes for 75% off! That's the only shopping I did that day, but it was pretty exciting!

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