Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bargain Shopping

I LOVE shopping for Will's clothes and I really love getting a great deal. Combining the two pretty much delights me. My favorite everyday clothes are Carter's and Gymboree, but for church I prefer to dress him in traditional rompers and jon-jons. I know I won't be able to do it forever, but for now I think they just look so adorable! Over the past couple of months I've found some great deals for this year and next fall/winter. Some of them are from Strasburg, some from Ginger's in Corinth and some from Sweet Dreams in Madison. Most were 75% off and some 30-50% off. If I had paid retail for all items (which I would NEVER do), it would have been nearly $800! But I got everything for about $230, which sounds like a lot, but no too bad for 2 seasons worth of dress clothes. I may have to get some of them hemmed to the right length next year, but I'll still be ahead on price. Check out some of my finds:

From Sweet Dreams

Left - Ginger's, Right - Sweet Dreams

From Ginger's

From Sweet Dreams (only 50% off)

Left - Sweet Dreams, Right - Strasburg (both 75%0ff)

Cute shoes from Sweet Dreams for 75% off - less than $8!!

I did splurge on this one a bit - 30% off at Strasburg. I wanted it for his Easter outfit and this is the cheapest I've see it in a year so I went ahead and got it.

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