Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yesterday I went to the grocery and came out nearly $200 poorer, nearly half being for baby items. It was pouring rain and I was aggrivated because I didn't have my umbrella and I had to walk around cars stopping to pick people up at the door. But as I got to my vehicle, I realized I should not be grumbling about this experience. I should be thanking God for being so blessed. I am blessed because I have money to buy groceries with. I have a husband who I adore at home watching our precious baby while I shop. I have a baby to buy formula and diapers and veggie puffs for. I have a vehicle to drive and a house to drive it to. There are so many people around the world hurting because they're homeless, jobless, infertile, lonely and/or broke. And I'm grumbling because of a little rain got my clean clothes and brand name shoes wet. And the best part of all is that I know Jesus. He can take away all my hurt and pain and shame. So many people don't know Him and may never hear the gospel in their lifetime or may reject Him. Do you know Jesus? Are you blessed?

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The Burgess family said...

What a wonderful post, Sarah!

PS- sorry, I didn't mean to "steal" your blog background! :) I thought it looked "January-y" as I'm not ready to break out the pinks of V-day just yet (or maybe at all)

PPS-- I've missed ya!