Thursday, February 12, 2009

How Not to Feed Your 10 Month Old Spaghetti

I learned yesterday that if you feed your 10 month old spaghetti, you should definitely to it on laundry day and bath night because it will become laundry day and bath night anyway. And its not a good idea to do it while your husband is out of town. Or to leave a white shirt on your child even if you have a decently sized bib on him/her and their sleeves are rolled up. It will still get everywhere. Will has had spaghetti before but it was ground up and easy to get on a spoon. Noodles aren't so easy to spoon so after awhile I gave up and let him feed himself. Yeah, that was a brilliant idea.

Don't let them lick the bowl...

...or they'll look like this! (btw isn't his toothy grin adorable?)

The damage, which after some Shout, Oxyclean and other stuff, nearly all came out!

Pre bath: I wonder if he will ever get clean?

Ta-da! Sparkly clean with a funky do!

Post bath hair is fun, too! You can faux-hawk it!

Then you realize his natural look is best, comb it back and enjoy your clean baby!


The Burgess family said...

I hate spaghetti night too. the kids love to eat it, I hate cleaning it up. I still give my older kids a very skimpy serving of the sauce just because I'm still afraid they'll make a mess even though they're older now, lol!

Yay for oxyclean, right? :)

erinenorman said...

That's why you have dogs! Nature's vacuum cleaners! ;)

Bo, Tori, and Brayden said...

oh so much fun though for will! :) That's too cute!