Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome back to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was started by MckMama at and I just love to play along. That is, um, when I can actually remember to do a post before Tuesday.

As I am writing this post, I am NOT watching Will run around the living room wearing a State polo and a State polo only. I did not just clean him up from a very stinky diaper and decide it was too close to bathtime to apply a new one. I certainly wouldn't risk my carpet's integritry over a $0.27 diaper while I blog (oh who are we kidding - have you seen my carpet? I'm really not worried about it). Speaking of diapers, I totally didn't TAPE a diaper together recently because the tab was defective and I refused to waste a clean diaper just because the tab wouldn't stick. Who does that? And I definitely not enjoying the view of his teeny tiny hiney poking out from under his maroon and white shirt. I don't think it is completely adorable.

I am also not fond of these curls AT ALL!

Or these soft, sweet, creamy rolls for that matter. Nope, not me!

And speaking of body parts, these running eyeballs at the M-Braves game don't amuse me in the least bit!

I did not give Will a cheese stick, piece of bread, turkey sticks, grapes and apple slices for dinner because I was too lazy to spoon feed him anything tonight. I am a better and less selfish mother than that!

I am not absolutely exhausted these days, either. I did not fall asleep this afternoon while Will was napping and I have not dozed off while he was awake and I was watching him, either!

I do not feel so depleted of energy that my house never gets cleaned. The last 2 times my carpet was vacuumed, my mom definitely DIDN'T do it!

I do not feel like I have am as big as a house already! I am only 10 weeks pregnant (11 tomorrow!). I can certainly see as much of my feet as I did 5 weeks ago. There is no way that my gut is jumping out so that I got bigger scrubs for work. After all, my baby is only the size of an apple (or something like that!).

I did not already bring out my big ole pregnancy body pillow (lovingly referred to by Brad as 'Big Stupid Pillow') so that I can sleep better, because I am not having trouble sleeping!

It has not been over 10 minutes that I have been blogging and letting the bathwater run while Will runs around bottomless.

What haven't you been up to?


The Burgess family said...

Love your post! btw, I have been guilty of giving cheese sticks for meals on occasion too ;) By 1 year old I was always WAYYYYY sick of spoon feeding anything, I usually quit by this age. I figure if they CAN eat other things.... :)

And yay for the big stupid pillow. If I lived nearby, I'd help you vacuum too :)

Erin said...

Love those baby curls Will! You and Sydney will make a great curly haired couple someday. :)

Mary said...

Hello! Thank you for leaving me a comment and for sharing your news--news that I know too well can be a little overwhelming :):) It will all be so great but I do know how it might seem...where will the time/energy/love come from? How will I survive? I'm living proof that you will and you will LOVE it! Good to "meet" you!

Misty said...

I came upon your blog from MckMama's and had to share a useful tidbit of info with you :)
When the tab on the diaper tears or falls off, just put another diaper over top of it. Then when he pees/poos in the "broken diaper" you just slide that one out and refasten the clean one!! Works like a charm!

Anonymous said...

I "happened" on your blog by way of Kelly's Korner, where you posted pics of your house.....can I just say your son is ADORABLE!!! My son's name is also Will.

I have never left anyone a message before when I have read a blog but I just had to comment on how cute your son was and that if you are the one taking all of these pictures of him (the curls, the balloon for Stellan etc)and even your table that was shattered you should consider being a photographer! I think those photos show a LOT of artistic ability!

Anyway, have a great day!
Jennifer Gladden