Friday, May 22, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Dining Room

Welcome! This blog carnival was started by Kelly at, featuring a different room of the house every Friday. This is our dining room:

Our Dining room looking in from the living room

Decorated for Christmas Eve

Glowing for Christmas Eve (notice the living room was yellow)
I love our little square dining room. It was horrible when we first moved in, with jewel-toned green and maroon wallpaper. After learning our lesson in the kitchen with how hard wallpaper is to remove when it has been there for years, we decided just to paint over it. Brad picked the paint color - Ralph Lauren Cowgirl Blue and I love it. It has a hint of grey but isn't too dark and isn't too baby-bluish. At first I thought I wanted a red dining room but decided against it when we had a tragic experience painting our master bath red (don't do it!!). We got the table from Bassett and we were so excited when it came in. You can take the leaf out of the middle and it will seat six, but we like the square table for the square room.
We changed out the chandelier from a terrible old cheap gold and plastic thing to this nice simple one. The picture on the wall to the left now hangs above the fireplace in the living room and instead there is a black and white wedding picture there. I'm using old pics again because my dining room table is currently covered with the remnants of making a diaper cake recently. This room gets great light throughout the day as the back of the house faces east. I would like to put curtains up but am not sure what color to do so I've just left them off. I figure I'll be inspired one day by something I come across, but for now my focus is on chasing a 13 month old and growing another baby.


sportzmom said...

I love your square table!

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Sabrina. Please email me and tell me more about how you painted over the wall paper. We have wallpaper in the bathroom that is on unprimed walls that if it is like what we experienced in our masterbath...we will have to call in a sheetrock guy if we try to take it off. We were afraid that you would see the seams if we painted over it. There is no chance of it coming down on it's own from steam. It is stuck for life. Please email me with more info. about how you did yours. My email is: . I found your site through Kelly Stamps. Isn't Harper adorable!

April said...

I love your table and the way you hung the ornaments from the chandlier at christmas.
Great Room!

Roan said...

I love the blue! We have a similar color blue in our master bathroom....the window treatments are a small blue plaid/check. My master bedroom is white with white trim and a very pale blue ceiling. I have the same fabric for my drapes in there (the same as the bathroom). To give the room some color, we have an oriental type rug that is mostly red.
I also love the square table!
Can't wait to see your nursery!

Megan said...

So pretty! I must you have your table looking so nice and set with china all the time? :)