Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Hale of a Wedding

Some of my favorite pics from the weekend. Thanks to all the girls for allowing me to play with my camera. I know I was annoying when I demanded different poses and told you to hang on while I adjusted the settings, but I think the shots were worth it!

Miss Haven K. Hale
Soon to be Mrs. Daniels
Such a beautiful bride
Haven and some of the maids (minus Alyssa, Brooke and Amber - sorry girls, this is the only one I have of us in our dresses with Haven!)

The flowers and dresses were gorgeous

Sweet little flower girl

The necklace her dad gave her at the rehearsal. It was made from her late aunt's favorite ring

Gorgeous detailing on her dress

This is the only formal pic I got of the couple! Whoops!

yummy cake - reminded me of my own!

All of the girls at the luncheon

Yesterday I got to be front and center as one of my best friends in the world walked down the aisle and became a wife. Haven has always been very special to me. We pledged Troubadours and Maskers together. We really didn't start hanging out until the spring of Freshman year, when we were finished pledging Troubadours. Although we don't remember looking too much alike, a couple of the cafeteria workers (including Mama D for you W girl blog readers) would get me and Haven confused and say to us "Didn't you just come through the line?", to which I would think, "No, but is it your business if I did?". Then we almost got into lots of trouble together, which may have included racing down the streets of the W just trying to beat each other to the best parking spots, sneaking into buildings that we shouldn't be in, and a few other things I probably shouldn't mention. We bonded our sophomore year as RA's in Jones Hall and cried together as we watched the 2nd of the World Trade Center Towers fall. Junior and Senior years were filled with far too many great memories to mention, but bottom line is I just adore her. She is so genuine, beautiful, smart, ambitious, motherly and wonderful.
But anyway, back to the wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful weekend. Friday started off with the girls going and getting mani-pedis (minus me as I was still traveling - just couldn't leave my little guy for 3 nights in order to be there early Friday), then we hung out at the church and house and went to the rehearsal. At the rehearsal dinner we did our best to embarrass the bride with a 'panty line for life' that had a cute poem with corresponding undies for each line. Saturday morning was the bridesmaids luncheon (which was delicious!) while the guys had a bbq lunch prepared by some generous ladies. After spending hours getting ready and taking pictures, the wedding finally began.
At first I thought I was going to cry, but then I was so happy for her I couldn't help but smile. Haven made a wonderful selection of music including "Unforgettable", "At Last" (to which she walked in to), and "All You Need is Love" (to which they exited). After the wedding we sweated, danced, and ate the night away at the reception held at her parents' home. It was such a great weekend and a blessed event to be party to. My friends and I all live in different cities and states, so times we get together is always treasured.
**Haven, if you are reading this, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day. Thanks for not freaking out when I told you I was pregnant and had already ordered my non-refundable, non-exchangeable, already too small because I wanted to lose weight - dress. Instead of being a bridezilla obsessed with perfecting your wedding, you were so excited for me and even guessed I was pregnant before I could tell you (you stinker!). Thanks for understanding I just couldn't leave Will any earlier to be able to come with you and the girls to get nails done. You are the best and I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world. Now, stop reading my blog and go enjoy being a Mrs.!!!**


Megan said...

Beautiful wedding! Glad you had fun. Oh...and great pics.

The Burgess family said...

Great pics! and I love the name Haven :)

Sally and Wayne said...

Great pics Sarah... what kind of camera do you have?

Lauralu said...

Wow! A great blog. Exactly how I feel about her! It was great seeing you and Brad this past weekend. I wish these times happened more often.

Lynn Gibbs said...

THIS may have been the post you should have warned me about. Who knew W girls could be so daring? Sorry I missed the festivities, but thanks so much for the pictures!

Becky Lott said...

How beautiful! I wouldn't expect anything less from Haven. I'm glad it was such a wonderful weekend! You looked great!

Erin said...

Beautiful pictures Sarah! And you look great!!!