Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Haircut

I debated for several weeks on whether to cut Reed's hair or not. After a bath, the back of his hair curled up so pretty and I didn't want to lose those, but during the day it generally looked messy. I finally decided to go for it and made an appointment with the lady who cuts my hair. We've had some bad experiences having Will's haircut in the past at other places so I decided Joanna would have to do it.

When I picked him up from Ms. Honey's, his hair was looking especially bad. I think he got a little baby oil on the ends and it looked pititful!

I was disappointed because I thought if we did cut the curls, they would look ratty and I wouldn't want to save them, so as I drove to the salon I decided not to cut it. When we got there I spoke with Joanna and we decided to cut Will's first while I thought about it some more.

Surveying his ratty ends, she thought we could try some dry shampoo to make it look better. I decided to go for it since getting an appointment that coordinates with my work schedule takes time. Reed didn't know what to think but he was pretty good.
Joanna and Reed. He wasn't thrilled at this point.
My happy-n0-longer-baby-looking baby.
Some days I am glad we glad we cut it and others I wish I'd left the curls. Either way, I think he is cute!

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