Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to survive a Mississippi Winter

If you've never lived in Mississippi, you may not know that we do seasons a bit differently. Here is a quick reference guide for how to survive:

Summer is predictably hot. But it is also hot in spring, fall and sometimes, winter. So we keep shorts available year round. But we also keep hats. Because what is a heat wave in the morning, could turn into a cold snap by evening. So it is always good to keep your hat handy. Say, on your head while you are riding your tricycle. Why, yes, that is an Elmo knit hat, courtesy of Nana.
And play ball, but keep a nice, comfy seat close by.
Enjoy the sunsets. And the glow it casts on the Bradford Pear blooms.
And let your brother drive you around, even if you aren't happy about it.

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hannah singer said...

hello, sarah!
no idea how i ended up here...but crazy!
i knew brad in middle school through part of high school! what a great man. so happy for y'all!!

your family is beautiful, and i love your blog;)

xo hannah {shelton} singer