Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

On March 26th we celebrated the upcoming birth of one of my best friend's first baby, a little boy. Three of us joined together to host a Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails shower. I wish I could take credit for the the creativity, but I cannot! Haven and Lea Ann amaze me with the things they come up with. I'll just use my boys as an excuse since those two don't have kids just yet. Ha!

Don't you just love the mason jars with the paper straws?

The honoree has two pugs. This wooden cutout (by Lea Ann and her husband) is of Stellaluna, aka "Stella".
Love the snail!

Lea Ann grew little pails of rye grass to decorate with. So cute!
We had "mud pies" (chocolate chess pie - one of our favorites!)

Everything was coordinated, down to the utensils.
Sweet and sour meatballs.

Dirt cake with worms
Fat rolls.
Little wienies. Ha. Seriously if you have never had cocktail wienies wrapped in bacon with brown sugar on top and then baked until the sugar and fat caramelizes, you are missing out! But you are probably less likely to have a heart attack, because you cannot eat just one!
How cute is this table?
We continued the banner on the mantel.
I made a diaper cake. We didn't know his name yet, so we went with the last name/initial for everything.
Guests signed a copy of "The Poky Little Puppy". We even had a little boy at the sign in. :)
Cookie favors.
We took our own little party outside for a few minutes and took pictures. Here are Haven and her husband, Ken.
Lea Ann and her husband, Steve.
Haven has learned some mad photography skills recently.
The honoree Alyssa and her husband Chris.
I thought this face was too hilarious not to share.
And this one was too sweet not to share.
Look how cute the outside turned was! Haven did an awesome job on the banners that we used throughout the shower.
Love the pinwheel in the flowers.
Cute door hangers.
Brook, Haven's sister, is a fabulous photographer by profession! I am a wee bit jealous.

Haven and Ken
Lea Ann and Steve
Alyssa and Chris
Brad and Me
Me and my friends!
My boys being sweet.
Cutie pie.

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Haven said...

So much fun! You inspire me to be a better photographer! This was a great shower!