Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Haircut

I debated for several weeks on whether to cut Reed's hair or not. After a bath, the back of his hair curled up so pretty and I didn't want to lose those, but during the day it generally looked messy. I finally decided to go for it and made an appointment with the lady who cuts my hair. We've had some bad experiences having Will's haircut in the past at other places so I decided Joanna would have to do it.

When I picked him up from Ms. Honey's, his hair was looking especially bad. I think he got a little baby oil on the ends and it looked pititful!

I was disappointed because I thought if we did cut the curls, they would look ratty and I wouldn't want to save them, so as I drove to the salon I decided not to cut it. When we got there I spoke with Joanna and we decided to cut Will's first while I thought about it some more.

Surveying his ratty ends, she thought we could try some dry shampoo to make it look better. I decided to go for it since getting an appointment that coordinates with my work schedule takes time. Reed didn't know what to think but he was pretty good.
Joanna and Reed. He wasn't thrilled at this point.
My happy-n0-longer-baby-looking baby.
Some days I am glad we glad we cut it and others I wish I'd left the curls. Either way, I think he is cute!

Happy Birthday, Drew!

We got to help Will's friend Drew celebrate his 4th birthday at an inflatables party place. Will loved it!
The theme was Cars. Look how cute the cake was!
Drew is so sweet but he and Will are so active it's hard to get a picture of them together. This was the best I could do.
Thanks for having us, Drew!


Santa brought Will and Reed a truck for Christmas. I think Will likes it.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bowling in the New Year

On New Year's Day, my siblings and our families (minus Joseph, Brad and Reed) spent the afternoon bowling. I think Sam was the best. Check out that form!
Alex and Will used the ball stand to help them out.
A ball or two went flying backward!
That is a look of concentration.
Chris was probably saying something smart here. :)

Emily and I were excellent at gutter balls.

It is very rare that we hang out without the rest of the family these days. I hope we can do it again soon!

A Very Gibbsy Christmas

On New Year's Eve my side of the family celebrated Christmas. It was an extremely warm day and as a result of the sudden weather change we had some nasty storms and a tornado nearby. Will seemed very anxious as the sirens continually blared. In true Gibbs fashion, many of my family members stayed on the front porch.

The cousins exchanged gifts and the siblings played dirty Santa. It was fun! I think we will make that a yearly event.
All of the boy cousins (l-r Alex, Oliver, Reed and Will)
All six Gibbs (Sharp) grandchildren.
My brother Joseph is the only one who hasn't married yet. This is him and his girlfriend Andrea. We think she's a keeper and hope they make it official soon!
Some interesting things took place. Here, Andrea is combing Joseph's beard with a teeny comb that was in a party popper.
My dad tried to eat Reed's fingers!

But he needn't eat the baby. There was tons of food! We opted to have hor devours instead of a traditional meal and everything was so good! We had twice baked potatoes, sausage and cream cheese crescent squares, fruit with caramel toffee dip, a delicious cheeseball, bacon wrapped sausages, veggies and dip, and no bake chocolate cookies (I forget the name Emily had for them - cow patties?).

It was such a nice evening with my family. We don't get together often enough!

Merry Christmas!

Peppermint Bliss Christmas Card
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Christmas Day

We spent Christmas morning at our house (and I can't find the pics!). Will and Reed got a power wheels f150 from Santa and it was so cold that Reed and I only stayed outside for a few minutes testing it out. Will and his daddy stayed outside until their noses started to fall off then headed inside to play with the various trucks and guitars and other noisy toys we exchanged. It was a nice relaxing morning. That evening we went to Brad's parents house. Look how pretty their tree looked!
My husband is a pretty quiet guy and doesn't show many people his true colors. For example, he does a great Bill Clinton face:
Brad's brother Andrew and his wife Sara were there, too. We are so excited that they will soon have their first baby!

We tried to take a family picture.
There's always next year, right?