Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My New Job

I started a new position last week in the outpatient surgery department. I was working as needed on the floor but the schedule didn't work out like I had hoped. Most of the available shifts were evening, nights and weekends and that meant a lot of time away from Brad. I also got canceled a few times and that stinks. So I took a full time position in outpatient surgery and I love it! I didn't really want to work 40 hours a week but I'd rather do that and have a better schedule than work odd hours and have them cut sometimes. I miss my coworkers on the floor - they were all very good to me - but I've got a great new group of people to work with and they have a 'team effort' work ethic. I'm getting to see a lot of neat procedures like colonoscopies and feeding tube placements. And bonus - I got off early today!

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markbeckylott said...

Oh, great for you! Isn't it so hard to find what is a good fit your baby and family? I struggel everyday!