Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Sick Baby

Showing off his trick even though he's sick
He really hates this
Snuggling with Nana

Feeling a little better and playing again

Poor Will was so sick yesterday. I stayed home with him because Brad had gotten a stomach bug the night before so he was out of commission. I'm glad I did because he got very sick during the day and had me worried. We had been to the doctor on Tuesday and found out he has RSV. We were sent home on breathing treatments but he was getting worse and having trouble breathing, wasn't eating well and was running fever. We ended up going back to the doctor and I was afraid they would want to put him in the hospital because he was wheezing. But they sent us home with some oral steroids and within a few hours he went from being listless and mostly sleeping to more alert and playful. He's a lot better today, thank goodness!

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markbeckylott said...

Aw,we had that last january. Asher hated wearing his "dragon" mask too! Poor little guy. Hope he's tip top and wild soon:)