Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is the way I feed myself...

Gimmee those nanners

I can do it myself!

Mmm... sweet potatoes
I like my new sippy!

Look at the mess I made!

Will has been very eager to help me feed him lately. I decided since it was bath night, I may as well let him go all out. He seemed to enjoy grabbing the spoon and playing in the bananas and sweet potatoes. He's getting better at using his sippy cup, though he prefers for us to hold it for him. (By the way I love the Nuby brand sippies seen here. The valve is built into the lid so you don't lose parts!)



How Super CUTE! I would hug and smooch him even with the food all over him!

The Burgess family said...

we have those same bowls and I LOVE them!

Oh the fun of babies learning to eat! Pearl has ended up with green eyebrows on occasion, and apparently bananas make great hair gel. not sure if you want to share that info with Will or not...


The Padens said...

He is too cute!