Monday, January 11, 2010

21 Months

Will, you turned 21 months old yesterday! Just three more months before you turn 2! You are such a funny boy. You love to laugh and sometimes you do this fake laugh and say "Hee hee hee hee!". You make us laugh, too! The other day when you were having lunch at Poppy's house, you turned to your highchair and said "Bye, eat!".

You seem to really like your baby brother. When you walk by him, you cheerfully say "Hey, baby!". When he cries, you drop what you are doing and run to him. If he is in his packnplay, you turn the music or vibration on. If he is in his swing, you turn the dials until it does something different. If you see a pacifier, you will bring it to him.

You are still taking your own pacifier, which you have named 'ba'. You love it and ask for it if you don't already have it. You also have taken a liking to your blankets you sleep with and often bring them into the living room in the mornings. Some days, you may try to tote your 3 monkeys, 1 lion and a blanket or two.

You have become quite a climber lately and have torn up or broken a few things. You climbed on the kitchen table and broke my pretty vase and the lid. You climb on our bed and then get stuff off the bedside table if you can't reach it from the floor. One morning your daddy let me sleep in, but you came in and grabbed my mug of water and threw it on me!
You are very good at feeding yourself these days. You primarily use your left hand but sometimes switch to the right. We have a hard time convincing you to eat vegetables, but you do ok with fruits. Meal times are a bit unpredictable because you may gobble up a certain food 10 times then the 11th time you won't even taste it. One thing you never turn down is something sweet! If you see me or daddy with a piece of candy, you immediately start begging for it and devour what we give you.
You seem to be getting taller and leaner these days. You wear anything from 24 months to 4t and a size 7 or 8 shoe. You look so big and grown up to me and daddy. You for sure are not our baby anymore!

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