Thursday, January 21, 2010


The cold weather has passed for now and it is warm. Like 78 degrees warm. Ahhhh. I am not much of a cold weather girl. My bones ache and my skin dries out like crazy and I just don't like it. You can pretty much count on me never leaving the South.

It was raining yesterday but nice and sunny today. I got off work a little bit early and after Will woke up from his nap and Reed was nice and full, we headed out to the park. Apparently a lot of other people had the same idea, because it was crowded. After we had been there several minutes and I had been taking pictures of Will, a lady asked me if I had four children. I said no, just these two! I have no idea why she pegged me as the mom as of some other random kids since I was following Will around exclusively.

Will had a fabulous time. He looked out through an opening.

He slid down the big slide.
He laughed as he watched other kids slide.

Reed enjoyed being strolled around, though he did fuss a little till I sat his seat up higher so he could see.
Then he decided it was time for a nap.
He slid down the little slide several times. Then it was time to go.
He threw a royal fit when we tried to leave. I thought it was funny. I couldn't get a good picture because by the time I could get my camera focused on him, he was running back toward the playground. He kicked and screamed. Flailed his arms. Threw himself on the ground. Good times.
We eventually made it to the car. Kicking, flailing toddlers are hard to carry, by the way. But we had fun and the exit tantrum was worth it. Especially when I opened up the door and saw this little guy:


Megan said...

Reed says under his breath, "Yeah, that's my brother." haha!

Haven said...

So sweet!!! Love Reed's expression at the end!