Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Five Things

I got tagged by Megan to answer five things.

1) Answer five questions with five answers.
2) Tag five people

1. Where were you ten years ago?
-I was in my spring semester of my senior year of high school
- I was preparing to attend Mississippi University for Women with hopes of getting into nursing school
- I was totally smitten with Brad and we had just celebrated our 1 year anniversary of dating.
- After school I worked as an administrative assistant to a human resource director.
- I was getting ready to go on my first ever cruise with other seniors in my youth group.

2. What is on your to-do list for today? (I don't typically make to-do lists but here is what I have done/still need to do)
- Go to work (done)
- do laundry (not done)
- give Will a bath (done thanks to Brad)
- get Dr. Browns bottles to see if they help with Reed's fussiness (done)
- go on a walk with my family (done)

3. What five snacks do you enjoy?
- Lately I have been addicted to Golden Flake Cheddar Corn Puffs. Kinda like cheetos but lighter. Delicious.
- Chocolate chip Fiber One bar
- cheese cubes
- carrots dipped in hummus or ranch dressing
- Oreos

4. Where are five places you have lived?
-Pontotoc, MS
- Hattiesburg, MS
- Biloxi, MS
- Columbus, MS
- Jackson, MS area

5. Name five things you would do if you were a billionaire.
- Quit my job to be home with my boys.
- Buy a Honda Odyssey (minivan)
- Replace the flooring and rest of the appliances in our house while building a larger (but not huge) home
- Get a Canon 50d and a bunch of cool lenses and a Mac and take a class to improve my photography skills.
- Fund a mission trip and go on it with my church. Someplace warm. Sorry, mom, not going to Russia.

And now I tag:
1. Haven
2. Deanna
3. Dru
4. Erin N.
5. Erin T.

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