Friday, April 16, 2010


I have to 'ketchup' on my blog. I am a few weeks behind. So where do we start...

Four weeks ago I had a patient who had a fever and aches and said his wife was at home with the flu. Oh and I found out that piece of info after I had sedated him for an EGD and he was coughing everywhere.

That Sunday we had a shower for my friend who introduced me and Brad way back 11 years ago. The weather was pretty yucky, rainy and cold and it actually snowed a little! I started coughing that afternoon and that night I had a fever and chills. But I didn't feel really terrible so figured it was from the weather andconstantly being out in it getting ready for the shower. I was off on Monday and Tuesday. Will was coughing and had a runny nose so we skipped his dentist appointment and just hung out.

Wednesday he didn't seem himself and then started with bad diarrhea. I was home half the day with him then his Poppy took over so I could go to work. I found out 2 coworkers were out with the flu and I had allergy stuff going. Thursday Will woke up and vomited and still had diarrhea but just once. Brad stayed home with him and I went to work feeling rough. That afternoon I felt better and Will was better so we went and got the bad hair cut.

Then the diarrhea started back. I had to change one diaper in the walmart parking lot.

That was fun.

Then that night I was feeling bad and had a fever so I had to call in to work. Did I mention 3 people were already out sick with the flu by this point and 2 were taking a PALS class? So that makes for 1/2 of our staff gone...yeah. My boss wasn't thrilled when I called her.

But it ended up being good that I couldn't go to work (you aren't supposed to go if you have fever, vomitting or diarrhea within 24 hours) because Will had diarrhea for the third day in a row.

Poor little man. We went through a lot of gatorade and pedialyte.

I called his doctor and they wanted a stool sample to test for rotovirus. Any guesses on how you collect that for a child still in diapers? Let me just say that saran wrap isn't just for use in the kitchen.

So I went to the doctor to get tested for the flu. I don't have a primary physician so I went to MEA which is a walk-in clinic. There were 3 people ahead of me when I got there. 2.5 hours later I leave with a diagnosis of sinus infection and a negative flu swab. But considering my symptoms started at the same time everyone else's did and Brad got sick after I did, I'm pretty sure I had the flu. We all had the regular flu shot so we're pretty sure we had H1N1.

Exciting, huh? It really wasn't that bad. So by Saturday everyone was all better and we went and got Will's hair fixed. It looked SO much better. I would have shown you a picture except he was in a mood and I was unable to get a decent shot.

And the next 2 weeks were a blur because Brad and I were both working so late, but I did get some pictures of some important things to share. Is the suspense killing you? I will get to it soon...

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