Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two Years Old

Will, you are TWO YEARS OLD! How did that happen so quickly? It seems like I just brought you home from the hospital! Here you are at 1 week old:

And here you are last year on your first birthday:
And now look how big you are! You didn't want to sit down to take a picture. In fact, I only caught 2 before you got down from the chair. Shocker!

You are such a funny boy! You make me and daddy laugh a lot. You are talking quite a bit these days and even say some sentences. The day before your birthday you started saying "Thank you SO MUCH, momma!" when I would hand you something. You also like to say "I wan (want) more grapes/goldpish (goldfish)/juice/milk" etc. You LOVE Barney and can sing so many of the songs. Barney sings a song about elephants and you do the elephant motion with your hands. It is so cute! There are some days I have had enough of Barney so I have to say "Barney went night night." You will then look at me and say "Watch Baby Bop?"

You love to go to Ms. Honey's house and have many friends there. You know everyone's name and say them when I pick you up or drop you off. Daddy drops you off most mornings because I often have to be at work very early. But I get to pick you up most days. Lately you have started running up to me and giving me a huge hug! I love this!

You are wearing a size 3t in most things and a size 9 shoe. You are still wearing size 6 diapers, but hopefully not for long! You have been saying "pee pee potty" and we sit you on the toilet. The other night, you actually peed! We are so proud! You have been wearing pullups at Ms. Honeys and I plan to buy you some big boy underwear soon. I guess we'll have to take the rail off your crib when you get potty trained! That is exciting and scary. I don't know if I'm ready for you to have that much freedom just yet!

You have changed so much and we just love the little boy you are becoming. You are such a great big brother and Reed adores you. I know things will just become more fun as both of you get bigger!

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The Burgess family said...

size 9 shoe! Wow, he's gonna be a tall guy! that's a good bit bigger than any of my kids' feet ;)

I can't believe it's been 2 years either. And that you have another kid now too. Time flies!