Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One big boy and one sort of big boy

I took the boys to the doctor this morning for their well child/baby checkups. They did great! I had planned to push Reed in the stroller and have Will walk and that worked until Will threw a fit to ride and I had to carry Reed and push the stroller. (double stroller - you are a definite on my need/want list). But Dr. Roger's nurse Jess is always so sweet and helps me carry stuff if I need her to. Reed had to get three shots and an oral vaccine and he was a little crabby this afternoon. Since he is 6 months he can have Motrin now and he actually seems a little better after having a dose.

We missed Wills dental appointment last month because we were sick so I took him this afternoon. He did great! He already has his bottom 2 year molars and his top ones are cutting through. They said his gums were a little inflamed so be sure to brush by those, but other than that it was a good checkup. He didn't want to leave!

The dentist is in a small strip of businesses that includes a Bop's. If you don't know what Bop's is, you are so missing out. (it is frozen custard and heavenly. go try the Snappy Turtle or Strawberry Patch sundaes or Bop's Favorite concrete. Yummy). There is also a mexican restaurant and a Curves fitness center. It's funny to me that both a dentist and gym are within a few steps of frozen delight.

Anyway, a few weeks ago Brad's parents met me and the boys at the park across the street from Bop's and then treated us to dessert there. That is the one and only time Will has been to Bop's, at least that I know of. When we pulled up to go to the dentist, he said "Ice cream?" as in, are we going to get ice cream?

He's a smart boy.

So here are their stats from today:

Will, 2 years
36 inches
20cm head circ
90th percent in all measurements

Reed, 6 months
18lb 4oz
26.75 inches
17.5 cm head circ
in-between 50th and 75th percentile in all measurements

So there you have it. One big boy and one sort of big boy.

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His Doorkeeper said...

Sarah, Thanks for your comment on my blog! I came over and read several pages of your blog! You are indeed a blessed woman!! Such a precious family with two sweet little boys!! They are cute as can be!!