Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Independence Day

Brad and I were both on call for work 4th of July weekend, so it was hard to relax and enjoy ourselves. Brad ended up having to work Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but we did get to go to church together, have lunch with his parents and catch a Braves game.

Reed was in patriotic fare for church:
Sunday evening we went to the Mississippi Braves game. It was packed. Brad's parents kept Reed for us since we knew it would be pretty late before we got home. Will spotted the inflatable play area as soon as we entered the gate so we let him jump for a bit.

Then he wanted to 'lide'. He climbed all the way up by himself, which looked to be quite a feat. He started his trip down quite nicely.

At about the halfway point, he started to lose.

And then it was over with. I wasn't even sure I had gotten it on camera because I was shocked as he tumbled. But apparently my finger kept going for this shot:
Poor little man. He landed and was crying pretty hard but he got over it and we were able to enjoy the game.
Scratch that. We were able to go get our hotdogs, corndogs and drinks and make our way toward our seats when Brad got called to work. We decided since the place he needed to go was 15 minutes away that he could take the car and go then come back after. It was still about 30 minutes to first pitch so we figured he wouldn't miss too much.
In the meantime I met up with some coworkers and their kids.

Anna, Noah, Mia and Will.

Me, Kerry, Mellicent and Amy
We ended up hanging out with them and standing behind the section I'd actually bought tickets for. Our seats were good but there was a man sitting two seats down from us who had a case of being loud and obnoxious. I tolerated his chatter until he started using some profanity, then I asked him to cut it out. After a little bit of back and forth, my friends motioned for me to join them and I was glad to leave the loudmouth. Many people looked annoyed with him, too, but nobody spoke up when I did. It's a shame that one person can ruin something for a lot of people.
Will's night wasn't spoiled, though! He had a blast playing with water.
And his hats.
Brad finally made it back with 1 inning left. The game finally ended around 10:15 with the Braves beating the Diamond Cats 8-0!
Finally it was time for fireworks!
Will seemed to enjoy watching them. I was quite surprised he made it through the whole game and fireworks without falling asleep!

After sitting in traffic and stopping by Taco Bell for a late night snack, we finally made it home at 11:11pm! Brad and I never stay out that late anymore! We ended up letting Will sleep with us since he was pretty wired. Brad had to get up and go to work the next morning and Will and I slept in a bit and then went to his parents' house to get Reed. It turend out to be a baby exchange because Will refused to come home with me! A little while later Brad came home and then we went back to his parents' for some yummy lunch. It was a good weekend!

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Erin said...

Oh my gosh, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry over your action shots of WIll going down the slide. Poor kid!

Love the fireworks pics -- the first shot is awesome!

PS - my word verification today was "saterbra". Saterbra: The one I use the day before I wear my Sunbra. :)