Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things I learned about my 2 year old today

Today I had the privelege of spending the day with my babies. Though if Will could read this he would certainly inform me "I not a baby, mama!"

I learned a lot about my little man today. Some things I already knew, but haven't shared with you.

1. He calls a pop tart "pop tark". It is adorable.

2. He does a decent job of picking out his own clothes. Exhibit A:

3. If I get out the single stroller with the intention of putting Reed in it, he will demand to sit in it.

4. He will attempt to shoplift a stuffed monkey from a store if I am not paying attention.

5. He likes to dip his fries in polynesian sauce like his mommy.

6. He can stay dry for 4 hours and use the public potty. He even wants to flush it!

7. He loves expensive kiddie rides. Look - it's his favorite song - "The Will's on the bus!"

7. If I get out the double stroller, he will refuse to ride in it.

8. He will follow me pretty well until I walk into GAP and then he will keep walking until a nice lady directs him toward me.

9. He picks off the m&ms from his cookie and eats those first. If he drops an m&m/cookie chunk under the seat, he will pick it up as I am telling him to leave it. And then when I tell him not to eat it, he will turn away and hide as if I don't realize he is eating it.

10. He flips out if I don't buckle him in his carseat. We were parked too close to the car next to us for me to strap him in so I put him in on the other side and was going to turn around in my seat to buckle him. I guess he thought I forgot about him and he started yelling for me to buckle him in.

11. If I get him on the potty when he says "My tummy hurts", he will poop in the potty!

12. He is one of the sweetest, smartest and funnest two year olds I have ever been around!

I enjoyed being with this guy, too!


Erin said...

What a sweetheart! He is the spitting image of your hubby in that picture.

Haven said...

Wow, I love that he is getting so big, but I can also remember throwing a fabulous shower in his honor. It doesn't seem that it has been that long! I enjoy watching you enjoy mommyhood. It is so sweet! Thanks for my sweet comment! If I did open and B&B it will be for weekend get aways with my wonderful friends!