Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Orange Beach Day 1

Brad's parents invited us to go with them for a long weekend to Orange Beach, Alabama. His dad and I left with the boys Thursday before lunch and got there around supper time. The condo was nice and the view was fabulous. Last year where we stayed was super nice but it wasn't right on the beach. This one was. And the beach looked great! See for yourself - no oil here!

After we unpacked some things and had a simple meal of sandwiches and veggies, I suited up the kids to go down to the pool. This little man didn't mind posing:

But Will... not so much. He was throwing a fit.

There were some cute houses across the street and some pretty houses on an island across the bay. (I guess it is called the bay???)

We got down to the pool at nearly 7pm so it was nice and shaded.

And we went for a swim! This was Reed's first time and he seemed to like it! Will liked it, too, until he tipped over head first into the water a couple of times. I was right beside him and grabbed him immediately but it made him a little water-shy. We ditched the vest for some floaties after that.

The sun started setting and the sky turned some beautiful pastel colors.
Doesn't this make you want to kick back and relax?

We stayed in the pool for awhile and then went upstairs, got cleaned up and dressed for bed and retired early... NOT. Reed went to bed without hesitation and his Poppy followed soon. But Mr. Will stayed up until 11:30!!! I was ready to drug him with Benadryl. I couldn't just go lay down with him because Reed was asleep and I knew he would be too loud but I thought if I let him stay up and watch TV he would just fall asleep. WRONG. That little stinker gave me a run for my money!
To be continued...

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