Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bright Eyes

Reed was FINALLY able to have his tear duct fixed on December 2nd! Our pediatrician made us wait until 9 months to be referred to an opthamologist and we saw Dr. Mallette when he was 10 months. Dr. M made us try a few things and wait 6 weeks to schedule surgery. We had surgery scheduled a couple of days before Reed's birthday but they cancelled it because he was sick. So we were excited to get the go ahead in December! His little eye was almost always red or gunky if he wasn't on antibiotic ointment or drops and I was ready for it to be clear!

I thought the surgery would take minutes and he wouldn't even have to be intubated. I was a little nervous when I found out they would put him totally under, start an IV and intubate him. But he wasn't nervous at all!
Loving on his tiger before he went back.
They came and got him without premedicating him and I was prepared for him to scream. He didn't cry a bit! Brad and I sat in the waiting room and entertained ourselves by reading a site about autocorrect mishaps with text messages. We had to put our phones up because we were laughing so much and other families were staring! I think I did pretty well not being a crazy momma considering he was away from me for over an hour. So much for a few minutes! He had a distal blockage, meaning the duct was closed off down in his nose, not up by his eye. Basically the massages we were doing didn't help and wouldn't have. Dr. M. put a stent in that looks like a piece of fishing line curled up in his eye and we have to keep it in for 10 weeks or so. He said if he hadn't put that in, it would have closed right back up, meaning more surgery.

When they came to get us once he was out of recovery, I was expecting a screaming child. I work in outpatient surgery and most of the kids we get back are wild! But Reed was just looking around. Poor thing had his eyes dilated so we turned off the lights and snuggled. Once he woke up a bit more I gave him his sippy cup and some crackers. The ONLY time he cried was when I got him dressed to go home and had to take the cracker away for a second. He didn't even cry when the nurse took his IV out! He was an ANGEL!

We went home and had a mommy and Reed day. You can see that his eyes are still dilated here.

I love this precious man!
He is a gift from God!
Doesn't our tree look pretty? Much more festive than last year!
Thank you, Lord for this sweet boy and for protecting him during surgery!


Ashley said...

These pics are great!! What kind of camera do you use?

Sarah Sharp said...

Thanks! I have a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS and I primarily use the Canon 50mm f1.4 lens. I love my camera but hope to upgrade to a 40d or 5d one day. I will probably always use my 50mm lens though!