Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Our beautiful tree Christmas morning. We had it up for a week and a half and I only managed to get lights, ribbon/sash and 3 ornaments on it. The ornament box never made it down from the attic, so 2 were found in the mantel decorations box and one was sent from a dear friend. The tree skirt wasn't even included this year. It is probably just as well, because I bet Will would have been taking ornaments off all day long. I still thought the tree looked pretty, though! I did get all of our stockings hung and the mantel semi-decorated, though none of my usual items were displayed - just garland and ribbon.
Santa brought Will a set of play tents and he loves them. I think Santa may have underestimated their size in our modest sized home. But who needs a dining room anyway, right? Santa brought Reed his very own diaper bag with a few Carter's outfits. Poor kid has been borrowing one of Will's bags to get around. I think I had 3 monogrammed bags for Will before he was born and had zero for Reed. He is definitely the second child.

Will was really excited about the shoes we got him. He has a thing for shoes. He usually prefers other people's shoes, though. I had visions of him wearing some cute Christmas pjs while he opened gifts. I never got him any pjs but he did have some hand-me-down red footie pjs. They didn't make it to the opening of gifts due to diaper leakage. (Some day, I am going to find the right diaper to keep his pjs dry all night).

His other gift from us was a very cool Wizard of Oz pop up book. He tore 2 things out of it on his first time touching it, so I don't have hopes of it lasting too long. But this book is SO cool. Definitely the coolest pop up book I've ever seen. The twister actually twists! If you have a Sam's club near you, I recommend picking one up.

The Emerald City page came with some glasses! Daddy showed Will how to wear them.

Then he tried them on. Stylin' and profilin'.

We all got cleaned up and made the long journey (1.5 miles) to Brad's parents' house. We had a wonderful meal and they were nice enough to invite my parents to join us. We saw his brother and sister-in-law Wednesday night and they were with her family Christmas Day, so it was just the 8 of us. We visited and enjoyed our very full bellies and opened a few gifts.

Reed did this most of the day.

And Will did a lot of this. My parents got him this cute coupe and he loves it. Brads parents got him a little play mower which he loves, as well. They also got him a Cars book that makes noises and a wooden puzzle of vehicles that makes the noise of the vehicle when you put the puzzle in the right spot. We left those at their house for him to play with when his Poppy starts keeping him next week.

We had such a good day. We didn't have the most glamorous Christmas. We didn't have the most beautifully decorated house. We had the fewest amount of gifts we have ever had under the tree. We are the brokest we have ever been since getting married according to our bank account. But we are the richest we have ever been. We are the most blessed we have ever been. We have more love this Christmas than I could ever have imagined. Our hearts and our home are full because of God and because of these two beautiful boys:

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. We certainly did.


Aunt Sarah said...

Is that a ST Jude ornament that I see?? Did you get some from me this year?? I THOUGHT I had given them to Brad when he was here with Bruce and Andrew for the golf tournament??

Sarah Sharp said...

Yes! You sent that one last year and you sent an ornament for each boy this year, they just didn't make it to the tree. Thank you!!!

Erin said...

SO cute! And we only decorated our tree about 1/2 way down so SC wouldn't pull down all the ornaments. We just put an armchair in front of the tree until the Big Day. LOVE Will's new kicks, Jake got a new pair as well ;)

Lela said...

You have a beautiful (handsome) family! Thanks for sharing!