Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I have spent most of my life having our family's Thanksgiving in Corinth at my grandparents' house. Papa Dude passed away 11 years ago but we would still go see Betty Jo for the holidays. Now that she is gone and my mom is preparing the house to be sold, it is unlikely we will have any more meals on her fine china, at least not in Corinth.

This year we were delighted to be invited to my sister-in-law's parents' house in Raymond. They have a lovely historic home across from the courthouse and it is quite charming. Will loved running (stomping) around and playing with his cousins. We enjoyed appetizers of pita chips and salmon dip and artichoke dip and visited before lunch. The kids burned off some energy.

So excited to see Alex!

Alex was quite a cutie!

Alex and Will peeking outside

My brother Joseph hanging out with Reed

My brother Chris getting in trouble. ha!

(just kidding. they were talking about something)

We managed to get a decent family picture. This was our first one since Reed was born.

I am usually behind the camera, so I only have a few of me and Reed.

We pressed our luck and went for one with me and both boys. Will was more interested in climbing the stairs by this point. Oh well.

Nana snuggled Reed

And he was very content in her arms.

Then we had lunch. It was so good! We had a pretty traditional menu of turkey, dressing and gravy, sweet potato casserole (one with pecan topping, one with marshmellows), macaroni and cheese, broccoli casserole, cranberry salad and cranberry sauce, crunchy romaine salad and biscuits. Its a shame I didn't get a picture.

After lunch, Will had a dessert bar on the stairs

Cynthia and Hannah got cozy.

Will got tickled by Pop

Then he got hung upside down by Daddy
And then sadly it was time to go. It was 4:00 and Will had been up since 7:45 that morning. He didn't even make it to the highway a mile down the road before he conked out. But he did better than his Uncle Joseph, who went and napped on the Chunn's couch after lunch!

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