Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Date Night

Our little family

The future Mr. and Mrs. Sharp???

Stephanie, Josh and Sadie

Brad showing Will the fountain

We went to Biaggi's Italian restaurant last night with the Murpheys. Their daughter Sadie is almost 10 weeks younger than Will. We've gotten together a few times since Sadie was born but have never gone in public with both babies. It was interesting! All 6 of us managed to pile in the Tahoe which wasn't that bad. Stephanie and I climbed into the 3rd row then our hubbies put the babies in the second row. We just couldn't get out until one of the kiddos was taken out.

Biaggi's has a nice courtyard area with fountains and 1/2 walls you can sit on so we weren't cramped in a small waiting area for 45 mintues while we waited for a table. We were seated by the open kitchen which was great because if either of the babies cried, the kitchen noise drowned them out. I'm sure the staff did that on purpose! All in all they were both very good. They each had a bottle and took a nap and really didn't fuss much considering we were there for over 2.5 hours. It was a fun night!

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