Thursday, August 7, 2008


Thank Goodness It's Friday tomorrow! I am so thankful for my new job and that I like the unit I am on and so far have great coworkers. But in my heart's desire is to stay home with Will and I have missed him so much this week. I really don't see how people do it - you work all day then finally get to go home with your child except for now there is housework to do and dinner to cook. By the end of the day you're exhausted and really you haven't seen your child that much. I just need to make it through tomorrow and then Monday thru Friday next week. After that I will work 3 or 4 days a week and only 4 hours somedays. I feel like I am missing out on so much though! Brad's parents told me Will was very close to rolling over today. I want so badly to be there when he does it, so I told him to please hold off on doing it until the weekend!

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godfrey said...

It is terrible being away from your baby. I think all good mothers feel the guilt and heartache when they are at work. DO not worry with the housework. It will be there after Will goes to bed. I am working on Monday and Tuesday mornings and it is just a known fact in our house that the dishes and laundry does not get washed until Wednesday. I am doing good to get food on the table and spend four hours of quality time with my boys! Yall will not remember if the dishes were washed when Will was little, but you will remember those sweet moments of playing and snuggling!