Sunday, August 10, 2008

Katie's Wedding

The Newlyweds

Oliver watching Thomas the Train on an iPod

(his 'pacifier' per his dad)

Yummy looking cake

Alex showing us something

Joseph and Will

Will and his Pop

My parents (please excuse the yellow bow behind my mom - it's not in her hair!)

Me and my boy

Grammy and Will

My dad, his parents and his brother (father of the bride)

My cousin Katie got married yesterday. It was a beautiful wedding and she was a gorgeous bride. The only picture I got of the whole wedding party was blury because Will was fussing, but I got lots of pics of the rest of the family. Above are some of my favorites. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Parker!


markbeckylott said...

I love it! Your dad is rockin' the seersucker!!!

erinenorman said...

I was totally going to give some Kudos to your Mom for rockin' out a totally Sarah Jessica Parker hair accessory! Needless to say, I was a little disappointed! Cute pics, especially of Little Will.