Monday, May 17, 2010

7 Months


You are 7 months old (yesterday)! You are getting so big!

You are eating baby food twice a day now and take five or six 6-7 oz bottles. So far you have had carrots (love), sweet potatoes (love), squash (love), bananas (love), green peas (tolerate), apples (love) and green beans (make you cry). Tonight we tried pears for the first time and you made some awful faces but then seemed to like it. You don't really like rice cereal and I can't blame you. That stuff is bland! You are doing fairly well with the sippy cup and seem to enjoy playing with it.

You are teething and though none are about to poke through, I doubt it will be long. You gnaw on
fingers and blankets and burp cloths and teething rings. Everything goes to your mouth. You aren't quite sitting up on your own but can kind of sit/lean for a mintue. You seem to be a good ways from crawling and I am not in a hurry for you to! You can roll from your belly to back quickly and often but I haven't see you go from back to belly. You are very good at grabbing things and holding onto them. You especially love to grab hair and necklaces!

You have so much personality. You are usually sooooo happy but are definitely opinionated when it comes time to eat or sleep. You nearly got kicked out of the church nursery yesterday because you were so tired and the nursery workers couldn't get you to sleep. They were just about to page me when the director was able to get you to dreamland.

You love to SHRIEK now and make goo-goo ga-ga noises. It is precious and I love to hear you babble. You almost always smile at me, daddy and Will. Will adores you and has his own baby talk voice he speaks to you in.

You have pretty much grown out of your 3-6 month clothes and mostly wear 6-12 month things. You have moved up to size 3 diapers and are wearing 0-6 month shoes. Your looks have changed a lot to me and sometimes you look like Will but most of the time you don't.

Check out how much you look like a Gibbs:

You still have a blocked tear duct in the right eye and sometimes it drains soooo much. I know you hate for us to clean it and I hate for it to look gunky. I am hoping it clears up very soon. I know the best option is for it to open up on its own but I worry that we will have to take you to an opthamologist to fix it. If it isn't open by July, Dr. Rogers is going to refer us to one.

You were not very happy with me when I was trying to take your monthly picture today:

You seemed better when I gave you a paci.

But then you got mad again and I decided a quick nap was in order. So this bunny pic will have to do for the month:

You make me smile so much and I feel so blessed and happy to be your mommy!


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Mary said...

So cute! He is already 7 months old? I'm sorry that can't be right.

The last picture is of course my favorite!