Sunday, May 30, 2010


Friday night Brad and I decided we had the itch to go somewhere this weekend. He is on call tomorrow but we thought we could do something Saturday and today. With it being a holiday weekend, popular places like the beach would be too expensive but we considered going to Memphis. We have never taken Will to the children's museum, Mud Island or the zoo and thought it would be a great time to go... until we looked at the weather. The forecast was pretty much a chance of rain all weekend.

Instead of traveling all that way just to stay indoors, we planned to do some things around our town. We ate some Mexican food for lunch then took the boys to the Natural Science Museum and we all had a nice time.

Will saw some alligators:

And Reed hung out in the stroller:
We saw some bears and Will pondered touching them. He eventually stuck his hand out for a brief rub.

We saw fossils of creatures:

And fish!
We saw a two headed snake:

And more fish!
This was in the "abandoned farm" display. Anyone else find it creepy?
We saw some turtles including a HUGE snapping turtle but he blended so well it was hard to see in pictures.
Will pretended the bird watching binoculars were phones.
And Reed got carried around by daddy.

Then Will sat on a frog. That may look like a smile, but he was really crying for me to take him off of it.
After that we played at the huge wooden playground until I decided it was way too hot and bribed Will outta there with the promise of ice cream. He fell asleep on the way home and we stopped for sno cones at Snoasis which Brad renamed Slowasis because it took FOREVER to get one. Not sure why he was worried about how long it took because I was the one who stood in line and got texts that said "Boy it sure looks hot out there!". The thermometer on the stand said 95 but the Tahoe thermometer said 99.

Today we all slept till after 8:00! We were going to be late trying to get to Sunday School and decided to skip the worship service, too. After Reed was up (at 8:45!) and fed, we went to Waffle House. Will surprised us by refusing to eat his chocolate chip waffle (really buddy?) and then knocked his glass of watered down chocolate milk all over himself. But all in all, we had a nice breakfast.

After breakfast we went to Big Lots to try and find a splash pad or pool for Will. He had a splash pad last summer and we apparently threw it out at some point during the winter.

While at Big Lots, Will got to ride a mechanical horse. It was only 25 cents! Clearly everything is cheaper at Big Lots because the last time we were at the mall it cost 75 cents per ride. We found a pool that was on sale and came home to play.

You may not be able to tell, but this pool has the works. It has a basketball goal, slide, ring toss and sprinkler. For $25.

Will mostly enjoyed himself by splashing. I made the mistake of inviting myself in the pool and he said "Get out, momma!".

Reed was down for a nap but woke up before Will was finished playing, so I dressed him up for his first pool encounter.

He was not impressed. In fact, I dare say he hated it. He did okay after a minute of sitting in the water but I was holding him with one hand and doing something with Will with my other hand and Reed slid down into the water. He mostly got the right side of his face wet, but he was M.A.D. I tried to reintroduce him to it but he was pretty vocal in protest.

He had much more fun sitting in my arms outside the pool. Good thing I didn't spend anything on this outfit for him. We went shopping in Will's old clothes. This is the same suit and glasses Will wore at 3 months old. Not the same swim diaper, but it is from the same pack.

Tomorrow we are going to have lunch at Brad's parents' house and cross our fingers he doesn't get called in to work. It's been a nice little staycation!

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The Burgess family said...

your boys are adorable, but yes I could've done without the 2 headed snake and the "abandoned farm" picture :p

Love the pool! Our kids keep asking for one but it's not quite hot enough here yet.