Friday, May 28, 2010

The things he says...

Will has become quite a character. Actually, he's always been a character. He just says more things now.

Like just now he found some hand sanitizer and was squirting on the hearth and rubbing it on the bricks. I told him to stop and he said, "No, momma." I told him to stop again and he said, "No, momma! Leave me alone!"

A little while earlier he was asking for his ba (pacifier). I told him he didn't need it and he said, "I do need it, momma!". I told him ony babies used pacifiers and that he was a big boy now. He said, "I am a baby, momma."

Last night after I got home from work he sat in my lap and spotted my pocket. This is what followed:

"You got a pocket, momma."


"You got pens. Here's your stissors."

Yes. Thank you.

"Daddy got pockets, too."

Yes, he does.

"Loooook! Stissors!"

And at bedtime last night: Will, it's time for bed. Let's go night night. "Noooo!! I NOT GO NIGHT NIGHT! I not leepy!"

Man, he is a funny guy. Sometimes he makes me laugh at a time I need to be serious and discipline him. Try as I might to not smile, he can usually tell when he's tickled me and he will get this little grin on his face and I know I'm busted.


Haven said...

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Mary said...

Stissors. Love it. He sounds hilarious