Thursday, October 7, 2010

10 Months Old

**This post will be moved to August where it belongs...evenutally :) **


You are TEN months old! We have hit the double digits and there is no turning back now! Look how much that bunny shrunk!

You are becoming a BUSY boy. You like to get into things. You fooled Mommy up until this point by making me think you wouldn't be as much of a handful as Will. Sly little thing.

You are now crawling up on your knees! I think this is called creeping? Nana would know... You kept the army crawl for quite a while then all of a sudden you were UP! And moving fast! You love to play with balls and you laugh a lot! You are cruising the furniture and can even stand up for a few seconds without holding on to anything!
You are eating more and more table foods and still eat quite a bit of baby food. You still take bottles 3-4 times a day though we are working you getting you used to a sippy cup.You are wearing size 4 diapers and mostly 12-18 month clothes with a few 6-12 month things still thrown in there. You are long and lean compared to how Will was at this age. I still get tickled when I put some of his old pjs on you and they are so baggy in the sides.
Your hair is growing quickly and coming in sort of blonde! You have 4 teeth and a 5th one will likely come in soon. See them chompers?
We went to see Dr. Mallette, your opthamologist, for the first time. They dilated your eyes, poor baby. He said that you are far sighted and that you definitely have a blocked tear duct. He wants us to put antibiotic ointment in your eye and massage it to see if it will come open. We will go back and see him in October and if it is still blocked, he will perform surgery to open it. I would hate to put you through that, but we want your eye better!

We enjoy you more and more everyday. It is exciting to see you learn and do new things, but could you please slow down the growing? I love you!


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