Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ketchup Post

I have to do another Ketchup post because I am so behind! I was behind before I took a near month long blogging break. With everything that has been going on at our house and our computer issues, blogging has taken a backseat. I am still reading everyone else's blog, but can't seem to keep mine up. So let's see...

I pretty much left off from the summer and my memory is terrible...

Reed had his 10 and 11 month birthdays. Actually his real birthday is next weekend! EEK!

Brad and I took a little trip to New Orleans for the weekend. First time I have been away from Reed for more than 1 night. We had a blast but New Orleans really isn't 'our town'. The food was fabulous, though!

Will is potty trained except for night time. He has been for a few months now.

The boys had hand, foot and mouth disease. Yuck. They were miserable. Blisters, fever... I guess I can spare you the details. Luckily Brad and I did not get it.

Reed gave up the bottle. This one was kind of tough. I knew he needed to give them up but they were just so baby looking and I was kind of happy he couldn't use the sippy cup. But overnight is seemed to click and I only gave him sippies one day and that was it. When I was taking the last load of clean bottles out of the dishwasher I was a little sad. Dr. Brown treated my baby well and now Playtex will have to see him through babyhood.

The boys each had double ear infections. A first at our house. Really can't believe we made it this long without getting any! During that week Will had high fevers for 6 days. He was pitiful. He lost a couple of pounds. We went to the doctor twice and called several times. Will decided he could not stand medicine which was unfortunate because between antibiotics twice a day, cough medicine up to every 6 hours and tylenol or motrin as needed, there was a lot of liquid being forced down him! I think I went to Walgreens 4 times in 36 hours. No fun.

And I took the boys back to the doctor today because they have horrible coughs. So round 2 of antibiotics. And I hate being the crazy "my kid sneezed so something is wrong!" type but they had been coughing several days so it was time.

Reed went back to the opthamologist this week and we are going to proceed with surgery but we can't do it next week since he's been so sick. I am glad the doctor is cautious but it is a little aggrivating to have the time scheduled off work and not be able to do it. We rescheduled for December so hopefully he will be well enough to have it then (or even better - the duct opens on its own!).

This is a very exciting thing - we rented a rug doctor. I know, I know. You didn't have much warning and probably fell off your chair. I am sorry. But I had to tell you. This thing was awesome. It works so well! Our carpets looked pristine. The water we dumped out of it was disgusting. And then 0.5 seconds after the boys came back home (Poppy and Gigi kept them so we could clean), things started getting spilled/wiped/tracked on them and now they look pretty terrible again. Sigh. But it was nice having good looking floors for a minute. I highly recommend renting a rug doctor and using the ZEP carpet cleaner from Home Depot unless you have rugrats (ha! get it?) who are going to undo your hours of work in mere minutes.

Hmm.... lets see... what else, what else...

Oh! I started a weight loss competition at work. Several coworkers and I decided we needed/wanted to lose weight so we started a money pool and are weighing in every week (privately) and one person is keeping up with our weight sheet. In March the person with the highest percentage of weight lost will win the money! It should be around $400 if everyone sticks with it the whole 6 months. I am down 10.2 lbs in 4 weeks! I am very happy with that because I haven't been exercising like I want to. It has either been 100 degrees or the boys have been sick and now I am sick. I did get out in 95 degree weather and jog/walk 1.5 miles and can't wait to do it again. I just think being able to breathe first is a good priority. A few coworkers and I are signing up for a 5k at the end of the month so I need to get better and get active! We aren't planning to run the whole time (I would die! ha!) but we are going to jog/walk so I need to get more conditioned to doing that in the next 4 weeks.

I am planning out Reed's party and I think it is going to be really cute. I can't believe my baby is almost one!

I hopefully can put up the pictures of his 10 and 11 month birthdays soon and our New Orleans trip. I got some good ones!



Haven said...

Sarah, life seems so busy, but so good! Congrats on your weight loss. Can't wait to see pictures of Reed's birthday!

Sarah Sharp said...

It is very busy but it is so good! Even with all the sickness we've had at our house, we are so blessed and enjoying life!